Internet media and Galleria Huoltamo, together with Arttu Merimaa and Miina Hujala

TV-news agency was being established to the gallery space Huoltamo at Suvantokatu 4, Tampere. For a month in July 2008 reporters Hujala, Lehtonen and Merimaa among many freelancers critisiced, listened and reported about the culture scene and urban life of Tampere and its surroundings.

A live reading of news, open to the public was held on fridays at the gallery. All the reports were broadcasted at their website using Youtube as a channel. The News can still be seen online. Later the news were also broadcasted through partner media M2Hz, an open city-tv at the Helsinki cable-network.

The news agency was created in a D-I-Y-spirit: Hujala, Lehtonen and Merimaa worked as reporters, cameramans, anchors and editors themselves. The interior of the studio worked also as an individual installation.

The artits wanted to turn around the situation where artist only exist through media. It was also a question of who has the authority to produce news and exist as a real and relaible source of information. Using medias credibility the artists were able to interview different people, such as the art critic of the local newspaper, the head of Tampere art Museum and the citys cultural officiary; people, who are creating the scenes that artists in Tampere have to adabt to.

The interior was designed by Paula Lehtonen and Pia Sirén

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Pictures from the 4th News reading:





still ilmages from news:

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