Bumping into (New) Media in Public Space 2008

Temporal video/sound performance in city space

The Bumping into (New) Media in Public Space -project was a collaboration with SWAEG, Masku Movement and Vixen VJs. Whereas the sounds were recorded from the streets around the performance venue in Lasipalatsi, Helsinki and mixed live with pre-existing samples, the VJs worked in a similar way. The video material was also recorded from the surroundings and mixed together with loops that were previously done by the artists. Two video projectors were placed inside an empty shop and the video was projected into the windows that were covered with partly transparent paper.

In Finland the cityscape isn't yet dominated by big digital advertising screens. In this situation there is a possibility to create alternative video/data projections and media events that have the power to challenge the normative use of digital media in public space. By re-mixing the media sphere of the public space we'll deconstruct the normative ways of using our mutual space, thus creating room for new ideas of the public.


apologies for the quality of this documentation