mixed media on city space

AVO -cityartfestival at Finlayson area

PAULAYSON is a piece that spread over the commercial centre Siperia as banners, lightboxes, animation; taking over the advertisement space with the artists name PAULA. The Paula Advertisement-animation film could also be seen at the homes of Tampere through the local Finlayson cable TV-channel.

Later the Paula -sign continued it's journey as a self portrait -project.


Paula, a conceptual commercial, could be seen at the local TV as well as at the mediatunnel that is located at the Siperia center.

mediatunneli, animationmediatunneli



Later in 2007, the Paula sign continued it's journey to Parainen, where it was shown as a self-portrait of the artistself-portrait

in 2015 I continued the project as a self-portrait. It didn't really catch fire as I expected. That probably tells a lot about me.

PAULA self portrait

PAULA on Fire