Earthworks 2009

Lambda print on mdf

A documentary photographic series of miniatyre landart pieces, located in Dale i Sunnfjord, West-Norway

The pieces have been ispired by miniatures used in films to create special effects, unusual weather conditions and modern people’s alienated apprehensions of nature that resemble the manouvers of some landscape artists who exploit the nature by their own means, without the understanding of consequences.

Art museums and galleries are places of distributing and maintaining arthistorical legends. The existance of many environmental and ephermal artworks such as the works of Christo&jeanne-Claude and Robert Smithson are depending of the documentation, displayed in the art istitutional framework and the hard work of museum assistants and conservators. Photography has originally been the secondary form of art and only a medium of documentation of the actual, physical, primary work of art: land art piece or ephermal sculpture in the landscape. However, this primary subject is only reachable and seen by few due to their often distant locations. The landart pieces displayed as sketches, photographs and writings are therefore the better known piece of art. The secondary object becomes
primary. Throughout documentation the art work becomes conceptual, a legend, told in the art world. The existance of the physical object is seldom questioned, it is irrelevant.


Weather made in China 2009

Floating carpark 2009

Hole in mountain 2009

This view 2009

Rainbow communication 2009

Cubic island 2009

Blubbers 2009