Windpark 2018

Exhibition at Gallery Heino

Videoinstallation in 7 monitors, videoloops and audio

Wind Park takes its form and shape from a real-life wind farm, visualising wind movements in a range of different ways using short videos screened on monitors placed within the space.

I have used wind to symbolise both climate change and the struggle against it. As human actions give rise to irreversible environmental change, so wind patterns, too, will change and extreme weather phenomena, including hurricane level winds blowing at the speed of a Formula One car, will become a more frequent occurrence. Wind is both an untameable force of nature and a vital source of energy harnessed by humans that will aid us in our efforts to mitigate against climate change. Wind thus represents both hope and destruction.

The works have been executed using a range of video and animation techniques alongside computer wind simulations and hurricane track projections, while wind movement is manifested through the use of a range of materials.


Tuulipuisto Windpark installation



Maurimyrsky 2018 23m/s

Maurimyrsky 2018

Telling tales

telling tales windpark