Vortex 2018

Exhibition at Gallery Heino

Projected across four walls, Vortexsimulates the experience of finding yourself in the eye of the storm; the wind is carrying debris and visibility is poor. 

I have imagined what it would feel like to be caught in the throes of a hurricane on a distant ocean coast and turned my gaze to admire the wind turbines near our summer cottage in northern Finland, soaring high into the sky and imbuing the surrounding landscape with a sense of futuristic optimism. At the foot of a wind turbine and in the eye of a storm, the energy that continually oscillates through the air around us takes on a tangible, palpable presence. As the natural phenomena featured in the exhibition are of an ersatz, digital kind, however, there is no need to layer up or wrap up warm. No matter how the wind might blow, you won’t feel it here.



Vortex 4-channel video installation

Vortex installation

Vortex installation, gallery Heino

Vortex Paula Lehtonen

Vortex Paula Lehtonen Heino Galleria