Cyan Sea

Installation: printed fabric, artificial wind, video projection

SEB Lobby Eteläesplanaadi 18
in the collection of EMMA meseum of modern art

The installation consists of a sea landscape printed on bunting, artificial wind and video projection. At daytime, the work portrays a flowing sea landscape, while the night awakens the surface with a seaweed-esque reflection, shot in the archipelago during the summer of 2014. The work represents two sides of the Baltic Sea: a beautiful romantic vision, on the one hand, and one of the world’s most ecologically fragile and polluted seas, on the other.

Blue-green alga is also known as cyanobacterium. “Cyano-” originates from the Greek word κύανος (kúanos), denoting blue. Cyan is also one of the main colours of the CMYK colour model.






Syaani Meri Paula Lehtonen

Cyan Sea, Emma+SEB Loves Art

Syaani Meri

Cyan sea

Cyan Sea, Paula Lehtonen


Syaani Meri