Cyan Sea

Installation: printed fabric, artificial wind, video projection

SEB Lobby Eteläesplanaadi 18
in the collection of EMMA meseum of modern art

The installation built for SEB’s lobby consists of a sea landscape printed on bunting, artificial wind and video projection. At daytime, the work portrays a flowing sea landscape, while the night awakens the surface with a seaweed-esque reflection, shot in the archipelago during the summer of 2014. The work represents two sides of the Baltic Sea: a beautiful romantic vision, on the one hand, and one of the world’s most ecologically fragile and polluted seas, on the other.

Blue-green alga is also known as cyanobacterium. “Cyano-” originates from the Greek word κύανος (kúanos), denoting blue. Cyan is also one of the main colours of the CMYK colour model.

Financial services group SEB and EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art have established a long-term art collaboration, in which a series of the museum’s new collection works will be featured in SEB’s lobby. Curated by EMMA, the works will be rotated every six months.






Syaani Meri Paula Lehtonen

Cyan Sea, Emma+SEB Loves Art

Syaani Meri

Cyan sea

Cyan Sea, Paula Lehtonen


Syaani Meri